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Parent workbook Vol 2: Goal/Activity tracker

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During this time of distance learning, our schedules have definitely filled up.  Even beyond the busyness of our work schedule when we were attending a brick and mortar location such as a school, office or other work environments.  Keeping up with it all can be challenging. In the spirit of keeping up with our lives along with distance learning demands, we've created a Parent workbook Vol 2: Goal/Activity tracker to help.  

This Parent workbook Vol 2: Goal/Activity tracker can help you and your family stay organized with the various goals set in your IEP and activities you and your team list.  The first page of the workbook is the cover page while page two is the table of content.  The next pages can be used to detail IEP goals and  activities that you and your designate is variable to help meet those goals during Distance learning instruction. The final pages are for note keeping.

Happy scheduling!!!
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