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Misfit Academy: Semester 1

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Welcome to Misfit Academy!

Correction, I think.

Welcome to Mage Academy!

If someone would’ve told me three months ago that this is where I’d find myself, I would’ve called them a liar. Yet here I am.

All I did to earn this spot was time travel and accidentally, depending on who you ask, burned my foster mom’s house down.

Long story short, she kicked me out. That’s how I ended up here—at the worst place on earth. Not only am I not welcomed with open arms at my new home, but I’m the only time-traveling witch who doesn’t know which coven I belong to. Even worse than that, someone is trying to frame me for a curse I couldn’t have cast.

I’m supposed to avoid drama, but this place is full of it. No matter what I say or do, I can’t help but run into it. Chaos is the soup du jour around here. If I’m not careful, my time here could be much more difficult than anything I’ve ever been through. The question is… will all the drama be worth it in the end, or is it just the beginning of something much worse?

This is an upper YA/NA Slow burn Academy Romance with no need to choose. The steaminess increases throughout the series.

You will get a EPUB (383KB) file