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Confident Consistency

A short course to help you create your consistent brand.

Do you wish your brand was more consistent?

I know many of you feel like this. It's the top problem that I hear again and again :(

You just can't figure out what to do to make it work. You don't know what to do - which fonts to use, which colours are best. You chop and change because you're bored. Or red fits better.

Canva feels overwhelming. You don't have the confidence to make decisions and stick to them. You can spend actual HOURS of your day phaffing about trying to make graphics.

And that's just the visuals.

Brand Consistency isn't just about how your business looks - but this is the bit you stress about because it's the bit other people can SEE.

Well, I'm gonna help.

This course will leave you realising that consistency isn't all that hard after all.

You can DO it.

Consistency will save you time.

And frustration.

And mean that you are creating consistent content for your business which has all kinds of marvellous benefits including:

  • Being recognisable.
  • Resonating with your ideal client.
  • Being remembered.
  • Results! (referrals/ actual customers/ rapport/ great reputation /growth)

Good, right?

We start together on May 2nd.

Confident Consistency - pay in full


Confident Consistency payment plan - 2 payments

per month for 2 months

Confident Consistency Payment plan - three payments

per month for 3 months

We start together on 2nd May. This is the only time I'll be holding you accountable live inside the group, giving you two weeks of support to get you through the content (you will be able to complete this in ONE day if you want to.) After this, this will be a do-in-your-own-time course.

We will cover:

Gain Clarity

This is the part where you answer questions about your business to help you get to the heart of your brand.

Create Visuals

You'll figure out your brand style. You don't need a logo for this, but we won't be creating one inside this course.

Be Consistent

Time to put your clarity and your visuals together. Create templates. Figure out how to use this stuff to be consistent and to make it EASY.

  • Workbooks
  • Fill-in strategy sheet
  • Fill-in visuals sheet
  • Consistent-on-Canva templates + how to video
  • Short training videos
  • Facebook community - for questions, mini-trainings, lives, Q+A and accountability