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XTRMRAW - Sample Pack 01 - Wav / Rex

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Are you a hard dance producer seeking that special edge? Look no further!

Our Special XTRMRAW Sample Pack is tailor-made for you. Inside this exceptional sample pack you'll discover a treasure trove of kick samples suitable for a wide range of hard dance genres, including hardcore, rawstyle, and millennium. Each sound has been expertly polished and thoughtfully labeled for your convenience. Simply grab and use them as they are, or slice and dice to create your very own signature kicks for your tracks.

But that's not all! This sample pack also includes an abundance of loops and Rex files, impactful FX sounds, and snares. It's your one-stop solution for elevating your hard dance productions to the next level.

Unleash your creativity and infuse your tracks with the energy and punch they deserve. Get the XTRMRAW Refill today and make your mark in the world of hard dance music!


Loops - 220

Basses - 40

EFX - 17

Kicks - 704

Reverb - 11

Snares - 37

Toks - 30


Rex2 - 187

You will get a ZIP (556MB) file