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Feline The Heat (Firehouse Witches #1)

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How to be a Firehouse Cat:
1. Wake up naked in a fireman's bed
2. Stare at equally naked firemen
3. Find the local witches
4. Get lots of fuss and attention
5. Don't let them figure out you're the cat

And oh, yeah, find the person responsible for your curse and killing your parents. Before they find you.

No pressure.

I've searched for proof that witches exist all my adult life. When I finally get a lead and position myself to prove the paranormal world is real and right under our noses, enter three gorgeous firemen to derail my investigation.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they were purposefully trying to keep me from discovering the world of the witches, vampires, and shifters.

As if I could ever believe it didn't exist. I'm a cat, for whisker's sake.

- Feline the Heat is book one of the Firehouse Witches Series, a medium-burn paranormal reverse harem with a side of laughter and plenty of heat (and it's not just coming from the fire!)
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