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Skyrocket your affiliate marketing strategies like a pro with this all-in-one Affiliate Marketing Revenue Tracker and Link Management Spreadsheet

How can Affiliate Dashy assist you in making your business thrive?

  • Unlocking your affiliate earning’s full market potential
  • Making your affiliate marketing management simpler and easier
  • Maximizing your efficiency
  • Generating new ideas and strategies
  • Finding better & more effective solutions
What's inside?
Sheet #1
Summary of your Annual Earnings vs. Past year as well as your expenses and income with built-in formulas.

Sheet #2
Input your monthly earnings from affiliate links as well as earnings from ads, sponsored posts, etc.
Input your expenses from each category. (ex. web hosting, domain name, email marketing tool)

Sheet #4
Manage your pending payments.
Sheet #5
On this sheet, you have the following columns:

Affiliate Network/Partner
Log-in, URL
Publisher ID
Payout Threshold
Payout Window
Tax Form Submitted
 Payment Info Submitted
Last Updated Profile
Referral Link to Program

Sheet #6
This sheet is all about your affiliate programs and what they have to offer you. It includes the following columns:

Program/Product Name
Commission Rates
Excluded Categories
Cookie Length
Referral Link
Pretty Link URL
 Deep Link Generator URL
Permissions Required or Things Not Allowed
Affiliate Manager Name
Affiliate Manager Email
If You’ve Reviewed the Product on Your Site/Video/Social
Date of Last Social Share
Date of Last Email Share
 Date of Last Blog Post Mention

Sheet #7
This sheet will help you plan out your affiliate marketing strategy for the year, based on upcoming events. This spreadsheet has the following columns:

Upcoming Holidays/Season/Occasion
Date of Holiday/Season/Occasion
Promotional Period
Affiliates to Promote
Blog Post Ideas,
Gift Guides
Promo Codes

Sheet #8
This sheet helps you keep track of blog posts you want or need to update affiliate links in. This sheet includes the following columns:

Post Title
Post URL
 Working Link Check
Links Open in New Windows Check
Links Are Coded Nofollow
 Additional Affiliate Ideas for that Content
Date You Update the Post

Sheet #9
This last sheet will help you generate a revenue plan every month. It has a question column, "How am I going to reach these goals?"
What do I need to use this template?
Just a Google or Microsoft Account! You can access it on any device.
Is the template customizable?
Yes. This is simply the tool that I use to organize my earnings, expenses, and links. But I understand you may customize and add to this template as you please on data and categories you may come up with later on.
Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, once the file is accessed, there’s no way to refund or return it because it’s a digital file.
Can I share this template with my friends?
Any unauthorized use or distribution of this template is subjected to copyright infringement. Please keep these spreadsheets to yourself and just tell your friends where they can get their copy!
Deliver Extraordinary Results
By choosing to handle your affiliate analytics with Affiliate Dashy, you will be putting something as important as your affiliate analytics, link management, and tracking in safe hands.

This tool will help ensure your affiliate marketing business thrives with powerful affiliate tracking, link management, and analytics solution that gets you the results you’re after.
The keys to success are much more personalized for individual affiliate marketers than for large teams or companies that specialize in it. Strategies utilized in affiliate marketing management, link management, and tracking used by large corporations simply don’t work for regular affiliate marketers.
If you want to build your own fortress of success, you need an efficient, high-quality, converting tool that will work by your side. That tool is Affiliate Dashy.
If you intend to maximize your potential as an affiliate marketer and create a powerful and efficient system that will maximize your potential – you are at the right place! Affiliate Dashy has time and time again proven its impeccable efficiency in delivering an all-encompassing affiliate marketing management of a whole new level.
You will get a XLSX (84KB) file
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