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Unsung Women in Somerset (PDF, epub and mobi)

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Unsung Women in Somerset is a book of real-life and legendary women who lived, loved, worked and struggled in Somerset. From pre-Roman to modern times, we meet women with courage, kindness, innovation and even some who smashed the rules!

Through 23 chapters, we meet most women through a short story, followed by historical notes about the woman and a chapter bibliography that shows the meticulous research that has gone into the book. Most chapters also include a Quick Tribute section that briefly mentions other interesting women from the same century.

Meet the woman who had two funerals.

Meet the African princess who survived and thrived despite the odds.

Meet the woman who voted... before it was legal.

Meet the openly gay artists whose generosity touched their neighbours' hearts.

Meet the queens and saints and "witches" and workers and much more!

These are the unsung women of our county. This is the history of Somerset like never before.

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