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Introduction to Classical Music: Part I: Early Music (476-1600AD)

Delve into the musical world of Medieval and Renaissance Europe!

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"Early music" contributed to the development of classical music as we know it today. From monophony to polyphony, from motets to madrigals, you'll finish this course with plenty of knowledge about the history of Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the music that developed from this context. You will also have much more music to add to your playlists! Let's begin!

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"Sound Garden's Introduction to Classical Music course is great for anyone who wants to learn or further their knowledge of classical music. I loved reading about history, hearing some beautiful pieces, and of course, learning more about music."

— Claudia

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About the creator

Sound Garden : classical music immersion was founded in 2020 by classical singer Kayla Collingwood.


Kayla has performed extensively in New Zealand and Europe and holds a Master of Music in Classical Singing. She also worked as a nanny in Paris and London for several years, where she developed a passion for all-ages education. 


Since 2020 she is based in Paris, and has returned to the music world full-time - performing and creating projects based around her mission to share classical music with new (and returning!) audiences.


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