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Rub one out with this genie, and you’re guaranteed to get more than three wishes.

As a workaholic writer, I’m used to chasing down the latest story. As a single lady, I’m also used to pursuing that perfect O, all by my lonesome.

But this time, the story is a ghost hunt … literally.

My hometown of Morningwood has been experiencing supernatural activity lately, and I’m headed home to investigate the ridiculous rumors.

I don’t believe in ghosts. At least, I didn’t until a sexy, comedic genie named Dylan popped out of a big blue dildo and right into my bed. I’m certain this is a postorgasmic haze, or maybe I’m dreaming. But this ghostly guy can ride my magic carpet anytime.

Dylan has lost his ability to grant wishes, thanks to a spell from my witchy great-aunt Karen, but he’s never lost his magic touch.

Talk about horny and hexed!

The only way to break his curse is to find the matching toy to his “lamp,” hidden in a town I’m now convinced might be haunted.

From boogeymen to butt plugs, our hilarious adventure is nothing short of epic!
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