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LARP LAB "Gloomy Sunday" Audio pack

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Are you sick of the current global COVID 19 pandemic? Feeling down and low on this dingy and dark overcast cold Sunday? Fearful of the world's impending doom?
If that's the case, then you shouldn't download this exclusive FREE Audiopack of the infamous Hungarian suicide song "Gloomy Sunday" Intended as a mood enhancing atmospheric addition to LARP's, RPGs and games based anywhere from 1932 onwards. Released to coincide with today's (May 10th 2020) very own Gloomy weekend, Grinning Skull Studios brings you a first in the LARP LAB series of Historical Audio suitable for genres WW2, Horror, Mystery, Crime and others.
This famous urban myth that surrounds the song is up for debate, but estimates point to over 100 suicides that may have been caused by this mysterious song. Pack includes the original 1932 Hungarian version MP3, the 1941 English language version made famous by Billie Holiday, plus a PDF info book with a brief history, lyrics (Eng) and a copy of the original Hungarian music sheet to use as a prop. Get your FREE Audio pack from us here or via our DriveThruRPG product listings here at: where you can find hundreds of other titles on a wide variety of subjects, genres and styles!
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