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Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Find Clients, Stay Motivated, and Earn Well Today

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As a freelancer who’s earned a full-time living from my writing since the early-‘90s, I have loads of experience to share on how to succeed in this line of work.

The one thing I couldn’t help my readers with, though, was how to break in from scratch right now, in the Internet era. That’s why I started taking guest posts from new writers on my Make a Living Writing blog. The best posts from the past two years make up the heart of this book.

The fresh voices you’ll find in this e-book debunk the popular myth that you can’t really earn a living as a new writer today—that there are too many established writers, or that global competition has made it impossible to earn a living wage. The authors included here show over and over that freelance writing is a viable career that can be done, right now—and can be done by writers based anywhere in the world. In fact, there’s more opportunity than ever.

Whether you’re juggling a day job and trying to build a freelance business on the side, starting out as a full-time freelancer, or a longtime freelancer looking to learn new strategies and grow your income, you’ll find valuable tips here from writers who’ve walked in your shoes.

I applaud the generosity of these writers in sharing exactly how they find good-paying gigs and keep a positive attitude in today’s fast-changing marketplace. I’m excited to present these new writers to my audience—and thrilled that so many of them learned the strategies you’ll read here in my own Freelance Writers Den community.

On behalf of all the authors, I hope these practical tips help you find your way to freelance success.

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