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Everything is energy. The self-leadership process outlined in this book will activate the unique gifts of greatness dwelling within your potential so that you can experience next-level possibilities in life.

This book will help you move beyond inner resistance by cultivating inner coherence with your goals to build influence, create a positive impact, and accelerate your authentic success.

The insights and strategies shared in this book are practical, doable, and life-changing.

Just like the sun rises every morning, there are new opportunities and possibilities all around you. But you have to be open and receptive to them in order to see them. The process outlined in this book is designed to help you develop the perspective, perception, and discernment to confidently embrace a more expansive field of possibilities.

In The Go Be Great Blueprint,™ Jackie Capers-Brown shares how her willingness to be open and receptive to new possibilities that seemed impossible for someone like her, a single mom living on government assistance, inspired her to move beyond her history and craft a new vision that led to her working her way up through the ranks within three divisions of Marriott Hotels to become an award-winning manager and executive leader.

Brown's ability to alchemize the emotional pain and suffering experienced from the loss of her parents by the age of 19, a domestic violence relationship, and the unexpected loss of her 14-year-old son, Blease into a greater sense of purpose and personal power to achieve unimaginable success is in her opinion, "A testament of the strength and power dwelling within every human soul.."

Her mission with this book is to help individuals from all walks of life, reconnect to their soul's truth and power, expand their field of possibility to lead and manage themselves with excellence to tap into a greater measure of their unique gifts of greatness. By embracing your greatness unapologetically, she knows you will begin to actively participate in manifesting new possibilities in your life.

Today, as the founder of The School for Soulful Success, Brown inspires and empowers her group coaching clients and participants of her training and master class programs with her signature self-leadership success system, The D.R.I.V.E. Method Advantage™ outlined in this book

  • Disrupt Your Assumptions
  • Reframe Your Perspective
  • Initiate Purpose-Driven Actions
  • Value Enriching Experiences
  • Enlist the Help of Others

The Go Be Great Blueprint™ is an interactive learning experience with reflective exercises throughout the book. When you apply what you learn from this book in your daily life, you'll experience an inner transformation that increases your effectiveness at making progress and building momentum towards achieving greater well-being and success.


As an individual, you'll begin to play, live and work in the field of possibility and disrupt limiting assumptions about yourself. You'll develop an agile mindset that will help you frame experiences in ways that serve and help you BE a person of excellence and succeed in life.

As a member of a team, you'll BE a person of excellence, more creative and cooperative, and you'll better manage change to help your team succeed. You'll feel a "oneness of purpose" with your peers and managers.

As a leader, you'll demonstrate clarity of focus, and courage, feel confident and BE excellent in your role towards those you serve while having fun and developing your capacity to build winning teams.

When we become more of who we are, we embody more clarity, courage, and confidence.

Expand your field of possibilities to achieve next-level success beyond what you can imagine.

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