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I just love snowdrops.
Not only do they represent a new start and a new year, I have two pop cultural things I love with snowdrops.⁠

In Neil Gaimans Stardust there is a snowdrop made of glass is gifted to the main character and used to identify him to his mother. ⁠
And in Critical Roles first campaign a bed of snowdrops is created as a parting gift between characters.⁠

**Size:** App. 16cm (6 inches) high

- 0.9mm crochet hook (or 0.85mm/US 13 crochet hook, these may be easier to find)

- Tapestry needle

- 0.4mm (US gauge 26) wire

- Green fabric marker

- Wax (candle) in white or yellow

- Florist tape

**Yarn:** Crochet thread 280m/50g (size 10) in white, green and yellow

**Difficulty:** Written only instructions for the crochet part, instructions given in american standard terms, detailed photo tutorials for the blossoms, the leaves and assembly
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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