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Birthday Sale! Canvas Cube Project Bag

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Make your own huge sized Canvas Project Bag that is Cube Shaped and perfect for all your knitting and stitching, ideal size for larger projects such as shawls, jumpers, cardies, blankets, etc. Fully lined inside with a secret side opening so pin badges can be added to the bag but backing kept away from projects.

This bag has a clever secret…inside the lining of the bag is an opening made with three poppers but you can choose a closing of your choice. This can be opened and it allows you to slip your hand inside the bag between the outer canvas fabric and the lining. This is so that when you want to add the super popular enamel pins and badges to decorate your bag, the backings of these are away from the contents of the bag. So the yarn and projects in the bag are not at any risk of snagging on the backings of the pins! This is an idea I designed and unveiled at the end of 2017.

The style of this bag is a Cube shape so it opens up nice and wide and stands up on its own. The size measures (approximately) each side of the cube is 9" wide and 8.5" high and base of 9" by 9". The bag pulls together (not completely closed as you can see in the photos) with rope drawstrings. Fully lined inside with a pocket.

This pattern is 15 pages long! Not that because it's a hard pattern to follow or project bag to create but because I've covered every step in great detail and clear photographs to explain each step.

You will need:
Canvas - total size will depend on fabric width, you will need 5 panels each measuring 30cm by 26cm, my preference is 450 g/m2 weight
Cotton/lighter weight fabric for the lining - total size depends on fabric width, you will need 2 pieces measuring 60cm by 43cm
Thread to match the Canvas rather than the lining
Rope - total length 224cm
Closing of choice
Basic sewing equipment such a tape measure, scissors, sewing machine and pins or clips
Heavy duty needle as recommended by sewing machine manufacturer
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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