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Bible Plugin for OBS Studio (Coffee Edition)

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A complete Bible solution for OBS Studio. Record/stream in OBS Studio with the whole Bible at your fingertips. Features Bible queries, verse lists, themes, configurable layouts, and more.

The Coffee Edition includes the following features:
  • Custom Bible translation support. Choose from one of five public domain English Bibles. Or, use your own. This program supports reading Bibles imported into OpenLP.
  • Use beautiful premium themes. Some of them are even animated!
  • Offline usage. No Internet connection is required (except for optional Google Fonts support).
  • Create new themes and customize existing ones using Cascading Style Sheets (advanced feature, for developers only).
This plugin is the work of a solo developer from Indonesia. Thank you very much for your support!

Included Files

The following files are included in the Coffee Edition:
  • (for 64-bit Windows)
  • (for 64-bit Linux)
  • (for 64-bit Mac)
  • (for 32-bit Windows)
  • (for 64-bit Windows)
  • (for 64-bit Linux)
  • (for 64-bit Mac)
  • (for 32-bit Windows)
If you don't know the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit, you probably want the 64-bit version.


  1. Download the ZIP file for your platform and unzip it.
  2. Double-click OBS Studio Plugin Generator to launch the program.
  3. Pick which Bibles you want, choose an output folder for the plugin, and hit Generate.
  4. Follow the given instructions to use the plugin with OBS Studio.
For more information, please refer to for details.


Future updates to the plugin will be announced on our social media platforms. Like and follow so you don't miss a release!


Theme Packs

The Coffee Edition of Bible Plugin for OBS Studio now supports theme packs! Theme packs are entirely optional, but each purchase helps support Firstfruits Studio and its mission of making the Word of God easily available and accessible to everyone.

Check them out here:


Each purchase is valid for one computer. Please do not share your purchase with others. Thank you for your understanding!

Help & Further Information

Our official website has a detailed manual and FAQ, including other guides.

If you have a question, idea, or bug report, feel free to send a message on our social media or through email.

System Requirements

Future updates may require newer versions of OBS Studio.


Generator program (for choosing Bibles):

Plugin themes (basic & premium):

Plugin UI:

Free Online Edition

If you'd like to try out the plugin before purchasing, try the free version at
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (106MB)
  • ZIP (101MB)
  • ZIP (101MB)
  • ZIP (102MB)
  • ZIP (86MB)
  • ZIP (81MB)
  • ZIP (97MB)
  • ZIP (79MB)

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Joe G.

1 month ago

Just Perfect

This came in handy when I needed help


1 month ago


Hola, consulta. tienen la versión Reyna Valera 60

Pastor Yohan G.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

It's Amaizing..!

Thanks so much for your hard work, God Blessing all the creators teams.!


Verified Buyer

2 months ago


Amazing Plugin.. God Bless!


Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Bible plugin for OBS

I like it very easy to use and a newbie :) God bless the Team.
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