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The Diary of Modern Cinderella

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When The Happy, Everyday Life Suddenly Turns Into An Inescapable, Cruel Fate

Set in Hakone, a town surrounded by mountains in Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, the story revolves around the female protagonist Risa Akagi, a first-year high schooler who loves arts. She lives with her father, her stepmother, Riko, and her stepsister, Chiyu. Her father married Riko a few years after her mother’s death.

Unlike in the fairy tale, Riko loves Risa just like her own daughter while Chiyu treats her like a precious little sister.

Risa’s life and happiness come to a grinding halt when Riko suddenly becomes abusive towards both of them. And it happens at the worst time when their father, who is a police officer, is away on a covert mission in Nagasaki.

Feeling trapped in the endless abusive cycle, their cruel fate turns for the worst when Riko decides to kill both of them. Will Risa and Chiyu able to escape death and put their cruel fate to end?

The Diary of Modern Cinderella is a psychological suspense original light novel in English. If you’re looking for a fun reading that not only has anime and manga influence in it but also a story that blends facts and fiction together seamlessly, then be sure to get The Diary of Modern Cinderella.

Buy The Diary of Modern Cinderella today to find out whether Risa and Chiyu are able to turn the table and end their cruel fate once and for all.
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