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Learn the fretboard - with tip - for live lesson 14th June 2023

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These are the worksheets for Matt’s live YouTube workshop on the 14th June 2023 (you can watch anytime if you missed it live.) ** Please note this lesson was originally arranged for May 17th but I have had to postpone whilst a new internet line is put into my unit. Huge apologies, Matt **

For this lesson we’ll be taking a fresh look at how to learn and master the entire ukulele fretboard using melody. I’ll show you how using a nice tune based on major scales (Joy To The World) you can learn and practice all over the fretboard in a simple and fun way. Not only that you’ll be able to play melodies in many different keys easily. No more getting lost last the third fret!

The Live Link for this lesson is:

It can be watched back afterwards as many times as you would like.

This option includes a tip for Matt and helps support those that can't afford to pay for the worksheets. Thanks for your support!

You will get a PDF (7MB) file
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