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Lily's Cowboys: Second Chance Book 1 (Audiobook)

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Sometimes life begins after you die. A least it has for Lily O'Donnell.


Lily had always wanted to find a love as beautiful as her parents had, but in her many lives, she has never found it... until now. Reborn to help others, Lily reappears time after time to help families in need—and then she dies once they no longer need her. This time, her challenge is three brothers who need to learn how to live and love again. The Cunnings' men certainly aren't the easiest to get along with! They've gone through six housekeepers in as many months, but they've never met anyone like Lily.


It isn't long, however, until an enemy targets Lily, believing she has the knowledge to make him immortal. The brothers will have to work together to pull off the rescue attempt, but will it be enough to save a woman who has always been destined to die?

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