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Balance exercise sampler

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Improve your balance, fend off devastating falls and move through daily activities with more confidence. There are 5 exercises in this sampler edition, all geared to increase leg strength and improve your mobility.

Each exercise is simple and part of an overall system which is easy enough for seniors while being very effective for all ages.

Derived from Tai Chi, they are meant to be performed slowly, with focus and controlled motion.

The movements also work on improving concentration, coordination and confidence. These subtle yet important benefits create a balancing of the relationship between your mind and body.

A few of my students say....


"Hi Stan. My surgery was a success and I'm at home, on the mend. I wanted to tell you that, although unintended, taking your Tai Chi class for these months is helping me now. I can't use my arms to push up from a seated position as I usually do. But my thigh muscles are strong and my balance is good. All thanks to your classes! You're the best! I'll be back as soon as I am able."

Cheryl Boyd



"Stan Cohens' eBook, Balance Building for Everyday Activities, is clearly and concisely written, with each exercise well illustrated. The exercises are based on the movements of Tai-Chi, with its' recognized health benefits. The exercises can easily be adapted to any fitness level, with great options for making them less demanding or more challenging. On its' own, or in conjunction with other movement or exercise programs, this book is a very useful resource for building balance and leg strength."

Leslie Kaddour

"Approximately 6 months ago, I decided to try the Tai Chi classes offered at the gym I was attending. The first question our instructor, Stan Cohen, asked was “how is your balance?" I had never really given it much thought and said “fine, I guess." Once we started the balance portion of our classes I found it was not quite as good as I had thought. Doing the exercises balancing on one leg was challenging and there was quite a bit of wobbling in the beginning. In the 6 months I have been attending Stan's classes my balance has improved tremendously which has given me a sense of pride and confidence."

Val Daly


" I feel much more stable since I have been taking your class, and my family has said I am much more stable with my walker”."

E.C., age 86 – Resident of Paragon Village
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