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Shalom I'm Servant Emannu'el,

After your coffee purchase, download your special audio message for this current month.

Your continued support makes it possible for the True Gospel of Yahshua The Messiah to thrive in a world that has erased and replaced the truth with man-made traditions. You are on the right side of the Kingdom.

Your Coffee purchase supports our multiple websites, mobile app, 24/7 Ark Nation Radio, BHBPNews, our Monday Night Classes 8 times per month, weekly Sisterhood Call, and other ministerial services.

Only if this unique ministry is providing value to you and your family in securing your White Robe in any way then feel free to buy us a cup of coffee or two. In this way your small coffee purchase will help to build the End Time Ark, which is the Yahshua-U Platform. Our motto: "When everyone gives a little, no one has to give a lot." 

Remember, remember we don't want 10% of your family's income. The true tithe is not your money but is your time--2hrs and 24min per day spent with Father Yahweh. You see, we are building the worldwide Body of Yahshua The True Messiah in the right way--NOT by fleecing the people. Therefore, at Yahshua-U, a mere $4.00 cup of coffee or two or four... whatever you decide will do.

You can now hit the coffee button to buy Yahshua-U a coffee or two, or four...whatever you decide! 1Luv ☕️ 💗 

Servant Emannu'el
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