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Shalom I'm Servant Emannu'el,

When you "Invest the price of a cup of Coffee" into this unique ministry you are making a sacrifice and investment in the surviveability of "your own ministry family, which you love." The body of Yahshua is counting on you being the difference.

By sowing as little as just 1 cup of coffee ($4.95 = just $1.24 per week!) helps to sustain our global outreach efforts and monthly overhead:
  • Maintain Several Websites
  • Custom Mobile App (State of the Art)
  • 24/7 Ark Nation Radio Station
  • BHBP (Our Own Digital Media)
  • Maintain Premium Phone/ Texting Services
  • Host Monday Night Classes (8 times per month)
  • Host Sunday Night Sisterhood Classes (4 times per month)
  • Host Commemoration Events
  • Travel Costs for BHBP
  • 24/7 Text, Email, and Phone Support for the Yah Fam in Crisis
  • A Platform and Support Community Built For The Entire Yah Fam To Shine For Yahweh
  • and other ministerial services
A lot of value for the cost of a cup of coffee, don't you think?

Remember, remember we don't want 10% of your family's income. The true tithe is not your money but is your time--2hrs and 24min per day spent with Father Yahweh. You see, we are building the worldwide Body of Yahshua The True Messiah in the right way--NOT by fleecing the people. To keep it simple, at Yahshua-University, a mere $4.95 cup of coffee or two or four... (whatever you decide) will do.

You can now hit the coffee button to Sow into Yahshua-U a coffee or two, or four...whatever amount you decide! 1Luv ☕️ 💗 

Servant Emannu'el
You will get a MP3 (13MB) file

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