Isabelle Brownstone

by Mamba Books & Publishing......Lafayette A. Johnson Jr.,Ph.D. in Creative Writing, Literature, and E

The ending of Isabelle Brownstone is startling, honest and some unpredictable; I can imagine that it will be vigorously discussed in readers’ groups, both online and in person.

 A crude trick tore apart the fabric of Isabelle and Jonathans’ happiness leaving them grief-stricken. In Norfolk it took the wisdom and challenges of a stately old woman and her sister to make Isabelle believe in herself. Isabelle’s met handsome men, but she was in love with Jonathan.


She wouldn’t have let you stay here if he hadn’t spoken on your behalf. That’s when it began. She tried to put you together. As long as my son was to inherit everything I didn’t mind being made a fool of in front of him. My son wanted you. I didn’t think my sister would put up with you, but she did. I knew what she was thinking. If you fall in love with him he would have his grandfather’s legacy, but that wasn’t a chance that I could take. She knew that you and I disliked each other. She never thought that any woman could say no to Walter. She knew if you married him, I would never see him again. It was more important for her to hurt me that is why she gave you everything. 


The day I came to the country club to bring you the umbrella, I heard you say, you would kill my sister. The day Everett Prattle came, I saw Hanna standing in the hall listing and I sent her to clean my bedroom and I listened in the next room.  He was discussing the will and my son was to be her successor; I was in high spirits then. My son would someday own his grandfathers home. He might let me stay and run the house for him, and someday I’ll tell him the truth.  For the first time in many years, I was happy

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