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7-Day Recovery Meal Plan

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Does your day-to-day life consist of...
  • Avoiding food or sticking only to 'safe' options?
  • Inability to make food-related decisions?
  • Planning and obsessing over food?
  • Questioning portion sizes and whether or not you ate too little/too much?
  • Avoiding or limiting certain foods or food groups?
  • Counting calories and checking labels?
  • Bulking up on vegetables and creating very unbalanced plates?
  • Ignoring, suppressing or not understanding your appetite?
  • Scanning supermarket isles without buying anything?
  • Exercising or purging to compensate for eating?
  • Feeling overwhelmed at (and after) meal times?
  • Avoiding social situations involving food?
  • Feeling uncontrollable around food?
  • Relying on strict food rules to get through anxiety?
  • Binge eating on forbidden foods?

If this sounds like you, this guide will support you to...
  • Overcome fear foods
  • Diversify your diet, your gut microbiome, and your options
  • Improve metabolism and digestion
  • Find enjoyment in cooking and discovering new recipes
  • Provide guidance in when, what and how much to eat for health
  • Enhance your relationship with food
  • Improve decision-making capabilities
  • Rediscover trust in yourself and in your body
  • Find balance and variety
  • Normalize eating patterns, and overcome restrict and binge cycles
  • Eliminating restrictive eating behaviors, such as skipping meals and counting calories
  • Re-regulate your hunger-fulness cues
  • Reducing anxiety and shame around food and eating
  • Improving nutritional intake
  • Reducing the importance of and obsession with food in your life
You will get a PDF (57MB) file

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Really helpful. Thank you so much