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Untold Tales: The Complete Series

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Uncover the complete Untold Tales series in this collection of six fairy tale retellings filled with adventure, romance, fantasy, and familiars. Whether it's leaving the ocean for the first time with The Little Mermaid, escaping the tower with Rapunzel, or saving the Prince before midnight with Cinderella, there's something for everyone within the pages. 

The Untold Tales: The Complete Set includes:

- Balanced Scales (The Little Mermaid): Join Mari as she ventures up from the sea in order to save her soul, accompanied by her seal familiar.

- Golden Wings (Thumbelina) : Adventure through the city with orphan, Lina, as she discovers what it truly means to gain her wings, helped by her trusty butterfly.

- Poisoned Fate (the Evil Queen): Discover why the Evil Queen became who she was as Katya makes choices she'd rather not, comforted only by her pet wolf.

- Tainted Ashes (Cinderella): Encounter dragons, magic, and fire as Tanwyn uncovers a plot to kill the Prince. Can she stop it before midnight? 

- Braided Silver (Rapunzel): Escape the tower with Cosette as she joins a competition to win the hand of a Prince, and gains a kitsune familiar in the process. 

- Fractured Core (Snow White): Lead the rebellion along with Lucia and her trusty pet hawk as she tries to put a stop to her sister-in-law's reign. 

The Untold Tales Collection: The Complete Series is a set of six standalone fantasy fairy tale retellings, each with a low heat romantic m/f sub-plot, plenty of magic, leading ladies who can save themselves, and familiars who help them.
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Fractured Core Audio (Untold Tales #6)


Poisoned Fate Audio (Untold Tales #3)


Dragon Outcast Audio (Dragon Soul #3)


Escaping The Chains (A Dragon Duels Standalone)


Twin Souls Trilogy Audio


Dance With Me Audio (ME #5)


Untold Tales: Books 1-3 Audio


Braided Silver (Untold Tales #5)


Soulshift Audio (Twin Souls Trilogy #1)


Untold Tales: The Complete Series Audio