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Credit Repair Kit 7 Part video Series

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Time out for paying off accounts, hoping it will increase your credit score. Our Credit repair video series will tell you exactly want you will need to understand 609 letters, ways to avoid credit score decreases after paying collections, and the steps to dispute your credit.

This video series is best for:

  • Anyone who can not afford or doesn't trust a credit repair company
  • Has a few items to repair
  • Has hit a wall with the credit bureau
  • Not sure if they need credit repair, debt consolidation, or bankruptcy.
  • Wants their score to stop dropping after paying collections

Series Includes

  • How to dispute your credit report short version
  • How to dispute your credit report extended version
  • Issue a complaint against the credit bureau
  • 609 no contract letters and how they work
  • Debt consolidation Do I need it?
  • Credit Score drops out of nowhere help
  • The reason your credit score is low after paying collections.


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This is a video series automatic download. The videos will be available as soon as you submit your payment. I recommend you save the bundle to google drive or some cloud drive you can easily access as the system limits the amounts of downloads.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file