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Siggy Loves Sausages for Dachshund Health UK

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Can Siggy Keep His Word?

Will this sweet little sausage dog be able to resist his favourite tasty temptations, stay true to his pledge, and save a Big Birthday Surprise?

Join Siggy, as he learns about the happiness that comes from keeping promises, during his romp through a fast and fabulous adventure that takes him into the deep dark woods, where magic sometimes happens...

Get the a Unique Author Dedicated physical copy paperback, with some bookmarks and stickers, for just £10 AND we'll donate £1 to Dachshund Health UK (Charity No. 1177400) for each copy you buy! 

(NB - The author will email you after purchase to ask you for the address you'd like us to send the paperback to and the dedication you'd like. 😊 Please look out for an email from Your receipt and downloads will come from PayHip. If you have any problems please use this email and Brian will be very happy to speak to you direct! Many thanks again for your support and for helping us to do some good for dachshunds with IVDD!)