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Quick Crochet Cash Creator Workshop

Discover how you can make some quick cash with your crochet with these 5 ways to make that extra money you need right now

We all have times when an unexpected bill comes in and we just don't have the cash to pay for it.

When our bills have risen and your paycheck just won't stretch to cover the extra cost

Times when a few extra purchases mean that our finances are not balanced out at the end of the month.

Fortunately, you sell your crochet and you can use your skills and your existing audience to sort everything out and make some quick cash with your crochet to get yourself out of that financial hole.

But how do you make money fast with crochet?

In this video workshop I'm going to show 5 different ways so you can do just that using your social media and offering your audience some juicy offers that they just can't resist

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Who Am I?

My name is Kelly Thomas, I've been making money with my crochet since 2015 and have made hundreds of sales.

I've used social media and Etsy to make my sales to countries around the world. Above all, at the start of my business I found myself in the position of needing some quick cash, and my crochet was my saviour.

I'm going to show you the tactics I have used to plug my finances during those times, plus a few tricks I've learned since

What Is In The Workshop?

In this video workshop we will cover everything you need to know and do to make money quickly from your crochet using your social media

  • 5 ways to make cash quick with your crochet, so you can choose which options will suit you best

  • How to prepare your audience to buy, after all they need to be ready to buy from you and not taken by surprise

  • How to get yourself ready and all of your social post types prepared so that you can concentrate on answering your customers questions instead of stressing about what to post on social media and when

  • How to maximise the number of people who will see your posts during your selling event so you can create all those sales that you need to make the money you need

  • A pdf workbook so you can take notes as you go and keep track of your ideas


Is This Workshop For Me?

If you are already selling your crochet and have a social media business account, then this workshop is for you.

How Long Will I Have Access To The Content?

You will have lifetime access to the content, and can access it at any time by logging into your account

How Is The Workshop Delivered?

The workshop is delivered by video which is accessible from any internet enable device. The workbook is a pdf that can be downloaded on any internet enabled device