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The Hadeeth of Jibreel (Arabic & English) [FOR NOTE-TAKERS]

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This is a FREE resource available worldwide! (People who love our da'wah and are financially able to contribute something may choose to pay any amount they would like ($5, $25, $100, etc.), which goes to support our efforts, in shaa' Allah. May Allah reward you generously!)

This is a perfect printable resource, to have the text in Arabic and English, along with ample space for note-taking, for use when attending traditional Islamic classes in explanation of the famous Hadeeth of Jibreel, which covers the pillars of Islam, the articles of Eemaan (faith), and the reality of Ihsaan (ultimate consciousness and piety), as well as some of the signs of the Last Day and other important matters.

The text and its translation are taken from this publication: Forty Hadeeth Workbook: A Complete Study Guide & Collection of Resources for Traditional Study of the Classic Hadeeth Primer, Al-Arba'een an-Nawawiyyah (available on Amazon).

Not really a note-taker? OK, then at least just grab the text for class (in Arabic or English, or both) so you can read along, using your phone in shaa' Allah

The Hadeeth of Jibreel [MOBILE VERSION]

حديث جبريل - نسخة خاصة بالجوالات

Or grab all three versions, they're FREE!

You will get a PDF (757KB) file
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