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Moms Prep Magic Toolkit

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The "Moms Prep Magic" Toolkit

“A mom's ability to manage from afar”

Do you want your kids to function more independently?

Do you need your partner to help out without asking what needs to be done?

Grab these Routine & Chore checklists with detailed descriptions so that each step is clear even if you aren’t present.

  • Morning Routine Checklist
  • After School Routine Checklist
  • Evening Routine Checklist
  • Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
  • & More
Do the chores not get done unless you're standing right there?
Does your partner ask a million questions getting kids on the bus? 

There are days that we all struggle to get the kids out the door or getting chores done.  But if you're there to oversee and tell them what to do next it's no problem.

The problem is that sometimes:

  • you're working late
  • you're out running errands
  • you're the carpool mom
  • or a pounding head forces you to step away at times.
You need to make sure your kid is not the only one not dressed up for dress-up day and that they don't miss the bus when your partner gets them ready for school.

Well, Moms Prep Magic toolkit will allow you to quickly have chore & routine checklists ready that are easily adjustable and reusable. Make your systems easy for everyone to follow (even when you're not around.)

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