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ADVFN Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing

Investing: How To Get Started
Most people think that investing in stocks and shares is a risky game only played by rich people and gamblers.

From the outside it seems it’s hard to know how to make money investing in stocks. There are so many stories about people who lose their shirts.

This is true and false depending on what you set out to do.

Investing is not hard but trading shares is nigh on impossible.

Most people confuse the two things: trading is not investing and vice versa.

Trading is very close to gambling and, like betting on horses, it is extremely difficult to make a profit from that kind of activity.

Investing, on the other hand, is quite boring and the more boring you can make it, the better.

Investing is not hard. Making money by investing is not that difficult, but it takes effort.

There are many trading schemes, none of which I’m aware are much good at making money.

There are quite a few investing strategies and most will make you money. The simplest and the most tried and tested is value investing.

Value investing as a method was laid out clearly for the first time by an American professor called Benjamin Graham in the 1950s and one of his students, Warren Buffett, used it as the basis for his career in which he has become the richest man in the world.

Value investing is at its heart simple: buy cheap stocks then sell them when they are not cheap any more.

While value investing won’t make you the richest person on the planet, it is a platform for good investment profits. The basics can be potted down into a set of simple straightforward methods.

I have followed the principles of value investing for many years and it has always given me excellent profits.

Apart from excellent profits, one key benefit of value investing is that it doesn’t stress the investor out. Done properly it is a comfortable way to take risks with your cash.

Most stock market trading and investing ideas are packed with stress and even when these systems are doing well, anyone following such ideas can be put through the emotional wringer. This emotional price is simply not worth paying for most people; it burns them out and dulls their desire to be involved.

The low stress level of a sensible investing strategy is a sign that the investment style you are following is a solid one. Investing should not feel like war, it should just be a normal working endeavour that takes a certain amount of time and effort. It shouldn’t be a battle that keeps you awake at night.

Value investing is and should be quite an easy-going way to make money from the stock market.

Being dull doesn’t make value investing popular like trading, but it does mean that those that follow this idea make money year in and year out while traders come and go.

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