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Two-Step Crochet Cowl

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 Ribbing. Alternating stripes. Color work. Mirroring. Multiple sizes. Multiple yarn weights. This pattern has it all. Ultimate freedom to combine colors and weights in any way you wish to create a wearable work of art as unique as yourself. 

So what are you waiting for? Go shop your stash or hit the store to find the perfect combination for you. Grab your hooks. Settle in. Crochet with me. Let’s go on a journey together. 


D (3.25 mm) and F (3.75 mm) hooks: fingering weight yarn

F (3.75 mm) and H (5.0 mm) hooks: DK weight yarn

H (5.0 mm) and J (6.0 mm) hooks: worsted weight yarn

Finished Circumference

Small: 18” (46 cm)

Medium: 48” (122 cm)

Large: 70” (178 cm)

Small fits snug to neck, medium wrap once, large wraps twice


Fingering: 7.5” (18.5 cm)

DK: 8.5” (21.5 cm)

Worsted: 13” (33 cm)

Yardage (Gauge 4”/10 cm)

Fingering (24 sts x 28 rows)

Small: 260 yds (130/color)

Medium: 690 yds (345/color)

Large: 1500 yds (750/color)

DK (20 sts x 24 rows) 

Small: 210 yds (105/color)

Medium: 550 yds (275/color)

Large: 1190 yds (595/color)

Worsted (14 sts x 16 rows)

Small: 168 yds (84/color)

Medium: 440 yds (220/color)

Large: 960 yds (480/color)

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