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Your Beautiful Business by Emma Franklin Bell

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Are you building a Beautiful Business?

Your Beautiful Business inspires you to leap into your business and build something that is soulful, purposeful and profitable!

 This book explores how unearthing, unlocking and understanding your Business Essence will position you beautifully in the eyes of your ideal client.

 You dive into a 3-Step Action Plan Process – Simplify, Beautify and Amplify which invites you to courageously clear the clutter, simplify your situation, break-free to beautify and take action to amplify your business out into the world!

 A sneak-peek into the Simplify, Beautify and Amplify Action Plan:

 ·      Your Sumptuous Space – You’ll discover the art of de-cluttering and creating a space around you that truly inspires and delights you.

·      Your Magical Mindset – You’ll identify and work through blocks that may be holding you back so you can step into the beauty and positivity that is all around you.

·      Your Bold Business Offering – You’ll take a look at all your offerings and get clear on the ones that are successful so more time, effort, energy and resources is dedicated to those.

·      Your Purposeful Personal Brand – You’ll discover hidden branding elements you’re already creating and how to amplify those to carve out your unique positioning.

·      Your Treasured Time – You’ll assess your current time management and unlock more time in your week than ever before through boundary setting and strategic time blocks.

·      Your Elevated Energy – You’ll look at life from the perspective of your feelings and your energy levels. The aim is to free up your time to focus on what really matters now and generate more energy through understanding the power of how you feel and how this drives your effectiveness.

 This book is as much about permission as it is about process. Whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, artist or creative this practical, helpful and insightful book is for you.

Essentially, It’s about unearthing your essence in pursuit of your journey to business excellence and beyond.

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