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“Walk quickly through the great hall ‘til you reach my mother, who sits in the firelight by the hearth, spinning yarn dyed with sea-purple – a marvellous sight.”

Homer, The Odyssey V1:304-306 (translated by E.V Rieu)

Arete, the queen of the Phaeacians, has always been one of my favourite Homeric characters. A descendent of Poseidon she was given respect and status due to the “outstanding skill in beautiful crafts and such a fine intelligence” given to her by Athene.

Arete is an ankle sock, with a neat, turn-over, lace cuff; just perfect for when one is sat by the firelight spinning yarn.

The pattern gives the instructions for a two-colour version with contrasting cuffs, heels and toes as well as how to set up helical stripes if you fancied a bit more detail.

When I decided to name these socks Arete, Lucy immediately came up with the idea of dyeing the Sea-Shell Collection in a gorgeous BFL and bamboo mix that showed off the sutble shell-like colours to perfection.  We decided on a set of 2 x 50g which would be enough for either the two colour or helical striped versions and are available from

We used commercial sock yarn on the sample helical pair to show how they would look in an alternative yarn – again two 50g balls would be enough to make a two-coloured helical version. These can also be bought from Lucy.
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