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Girlfriend Mentality to Wife Reality

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To my Sister,

Has anyone told you your value does not come from your outward appearance, but rather the beauty that lies within you? My sister, we have been failed by the culture, the media, our inner circles, and the elders who should have taken the time to teach us the difference between being a girlfriend, side-chick, baby mama, and a wife.

There is a stark difference that far too many of us are ignorant of. So we expect a man to enter into a covenant relationship with us, till death do we part but have no clue what he is looking for in a wife. The culture has told us his thoughts don't matter anyway but it's that same mentality that has caused so many of our sisters to be in failed relationships with broken hearts and homes.

Too many of us have been taught to take our cues on how to be a good wife from Celebrity and Social Media influencers who are experts at faking it. We are living in an age of the "Modern Woman," who believes she can have it all and do it all but has no clue on how to position herself as a High-Value Wife. She has a mile-long list of all the qualities she seeks in a man but takes next to no time to prepare herself on how to be a wise wife. 

A good marriage is a terrible thing to waste, but the reality is so many sisters enter into marriage with a Girlfriend Mentality and fail to transition to a Wife Reality. This causes distress, confusion, and all-out war in their homes if they even get to the altar to say, "I do."

Girlfriend Mentality to Wife Reality aims to redirect your thinking about what real marriage looks like. It aims to help you to shed the old patterns of thought you carried as a girlfriend so you can thrive as a wife. Your mindset is the number one cause of failure in your dating relationships, which leads to unrealistic expectations and heartbreak. 

Whether you're single, looking for the right tools to enter into a marriage with a healthy mindset, married looking for a new perspective on how to build your home, or an elder looking for ways to help younger women who are looking for Mr. Right completely the wrong way, Girlfriend Mentality to Wife Reality is the perfect e-book for you! This short book is filled with practical tools to help you change the way you think about yourself before pursuing marriage. It is also designed to help married women who need to redirect their thinking about their husband and home.

Don't let the culture shape the way you think about your value and self-worth. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind so you can go from having a Girlfriend Mentality to a Wife Reality!
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