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Plato Is Better at Metaphor than I Am by E. M. Sherwood Foster

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“A beautifully written collection from a talented writer who knows how to invoke stunning imagery with just the right word. Moving easily between subjects as common as water and as abstract as aliens, E. M. Sherwood Foster creates beautiful vignettes of everything from the everyday beauty of the earth, to the vast cosmos of space with the kind of elevated prose that is sure to please any poetry fan.”

— K. M. Allan, Author of The Blackbirch Series

“Freed of line breaks and filled with depth, Foster’s poems offer a strong voice and plenty of play.  This collection reads like a handful of varied gemstones, each stone worth lifting and turning to experience again.”

— Andrew Graff, Author of Raft of Stars

About the Author:

E. M. Sherwood Foster has written stories as far back as she can remember. Starting at five years old, her love for writing only grew over the years. Graduating with a Bachelor's in English and minor in Creative Writing from Cedarville University, she is now a master's student in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge, England, with her works appearing in multiple journals and magazines. Her poetry has also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. This is her first poetry chapbook. Read more articles and discover her portfolio at
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