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Jumpstart Your Writing Career (And Snag Paying Assignments)

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Think it’ll take forever to earn a great living as a writer?

Think again.

With Jumpstart Your Writing Career, you’ll discover how easy it is to:

  • Think like a successful writer, someone who has the mindset to earn the big bucks
  • Hone your writing skills until they’re razor sharp. Cut through the tsunami of “competition”
  • Tackle the most lucrative branch of writing. Don’t waste time on unprofitable projects
  • Discover secrets of fiction that will dazzle your readers and keep them coming back for more
  • Organize your nonfiction articles so you can easily recycle information for unlimited markets
  • Craft powerful queries and prospecting letters that give you an edge when decision-makers consider your proposal
  • Forget expensive ads, you can promote your writing business for little or no money
If you want to be a freelance writer who’s tired of working for peanuts and wants to snag more lucrative assignments, this book’s for you.

Beth Ann Erickson lives in Minnesota with her husband, child, and a slew of Filbert Publishing mascots. She’s written hundreds of articles for publications throughout the nation, owns a full service publishing company, crafts promo materials for information products, and generally loves the freelance life she began in ‘01.

If you want to make your writing sparkle, help you market smart, then hit “repeat” to start the cycle again, subscribe to Writing Etc., her free e-mag. You’ll get the free e-booklet “Power Queries” when you subscribe. Surf to
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