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ALL STUFF ARE NEW !!! (Repost pls, it would help me a lot)

Yo, this is my 2nd pack and i tried to make it even better than the first one. Im sure i succeeded and you will see that when you buy it.

Pack includes:
- 50+ my new own presets
- 500+ 4K overlays
- 400+ 4K textures
- My Hand-Made Stuff
- All my visuals
- All my pfs
- Tutorials!
- Link to the first pack
- Interesting bonus ;)
- Other stuff

 !!! Pact consists of 6 parts and you need to download them all to make it available to you !!!

My contacts if u have any questions:
twitter -
my vk -
inst - @asamii.q

You will get a TXT (84B) file
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