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Divinely Inspired: Creative Channeling Workshop

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Connect with creative support and inspiration in this fun 1 hour workshop!

The workshop begins with an intro to channeling and your World of Enchantment, followed by a guided channeling session.

With the support of a meditation process, you'll intuitively connect with your Muse via the creative channeling methods of automatic writing and expressive art. 

At the end of the hour you'll have channeled personalized guidance for your creative practice, along with a magical memento to inspire your ongoing collaboration with the Muse!

Beginners and experienced channelers alike will benefit from having this dedicated container held for you to connect with Spirit. You'll receive the guided meditation as a separate audio file so it's convenient to listen again whenever you want to reconnect.

This is for you if you have been:
  • feeling creatively blah or uninspired lately
  • stuck in your creative blocks
  • confused or disconnected in your spiritual practice
  • desire to connect more deeply with your magic
Rendezvous with your Muse today to rejuvenate your creative practice and get divinely inspired!

Download includes:
  • Video and audio workshop recordings
  • Supply list and instructions for automatic writing & expressive art channeling methods
  • Guided audio meditation with a repeatable process to open your channel
  • Workbook with 3 pages of creative channeling prompts to accompany the meditation ~ Click PREVIEW to download the prompts for free!
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (30MB)
  • MP3 (0)
  • MP4 (0)
  • PDF (2MB)
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