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Farthings by Daniel Lusk

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“These poems reflect the Zen koan nature of true poetic expression. Hurrah that they hit home in the head and the heart.”

— Craig Volk, Poet, Scriptwriter Northern Exposure et al

“Daniel Lusk’s splendid, jewel-like poems shine with singular economy and refined wit.”

— Lee Upton, Author of Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles

“In Daniel Lusk’s Farthings, you’ll find witticisms, puns, mini-satires, jokes, delightful re-definitions. But behind all of it is Daniel’s unmitigated love of the natural world.”

— John Surowiecki, Author of The Place of the Solitaires: Poems from Titles by Wallace Stevens

About the Author:

Daniel Lusk is author of several previous poetry collections and other books. A former commentator on books for NPR, his work is widely published in literary journals and his genre-bending essay, “Bomb,” (New Letters) was awarded a Pushcart Prize. Native of the prairie Midwest, he lives in Vermont with his wife, Irish poet Angela Patten.
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