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What's The Point (A Masters Class In Joy)

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When the promise doesn't seem to line up with our experience, confusion and frustration tend to creep into our lives.

Perhaps even with your regular church attendance, prayer, bible reading, and giving, you still find yourself asking (silently, to yourself), "What's the point?"  In this 3-hour plus masterclass series [Raw Unedited Audio], the "secret" is revealed and it may not be what you thought. In John 15:11, Jesus discloses that the reason he has taught and spoken so intently with his disciples is all about Joy. Yep, Joy IS the point.

Get out your paper and pen to do a deep dive into this concept and discover a place and space of God's Kind Intention towards you. A place and space that you can not only "visit" but "inhabit!" Learn the Truth about what the Apostle Paul lists as one third of the Kingdom of God itself ... Joy.

Don't go one more day living beneath the privilege that is your portion as a child of God. Let Him truly begin to overflow your life with His very own Joy today!!!

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