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A Blightly Winged Moth

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Metamorphosis - A blighthly winged moth
Or: Encounter with the Mothman

A description of an encounter by Sandra Desorgher
aka 'Little White Wolf' Medicine Woman

The phrase “Blightly Winged Moth” is from a poem by Mary-Ann Opp, Sandra's sister,
that she wrote in response to Sara's Recovery from Autism.

"I was awake but I had no knowledge of how I had gotten to this place, a cave not too deep in the ground because natural sunlight was streaming through a hole which appeared to be the size and shape of a large knot hole which are found in many large old trees and often house birds or squirrels. The cave roof appeared to have tree roots which formed a strange kind of roof and I tried to imagine what the ground above might look like in case I wanted to try and find this place again, on my own. I was not looking too closely at the surroundings because just a few feet from me was a being and I did not know what sort of being this was. I had not seen a being of this type before in any alien A - Z resource, not in any viewing of Agartha through the sensori-neural dome. I had not seen it in art work that comes up in a google image search of demons or a painting by Blake. . . "
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