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Blueberry Popsicle shawl

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Make a lovely flowing rounded triangle shawl worked on the bias. The pattern features elegant bands of eyelets across the surface of the shawl.

This pattern is available as “pay what you can”.

Use any yarn in your stash to make this gorgeous shawl that will drape around you like a breeze.

Find three coordinating colors in lengths of around 300 meters each (or less if you use heavier yarn) and watch the colors complement each other in this simple, yet entertaining pattern. Or choose a long gradient yarn and watch the colors flow.

Use a light and airy cotton/acrylic blend for a spring/summer wrap or a fluffy mohair/alpaca yarn for an autumn/winter wrap that will keep you warm and comfy.

Pick a hook that goes with your yarn (I used a 3 mm hook for small and even stitches) and start crocheting!

The patterns comes with written instructions and a handy chart, so you can use either one or both. There is an easy 12 row repeat that you will memorize really quickly, so you can take your project anywhere with you.

This is another pattern perfect for traveling or crochet-in-public, as it only involves a little concentration, so you can keep your hands busy while keeping up with conversation. There’s no counting involved, you only decrease on one side and increase on the other, always on the same sides.

When you’re done, don’t forget to block your shawl to allow the fabric to relax, drape and swirl.

Follow the video here.
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