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Dog paw options for dog bandanas

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This listing is to be used in conjunction with the purchase of an over the collar bandanna purchased at the same time, this isn't a decal or self application patch.

The paw decal is approx. 1.5".

If you are not sure of the right size for your dog, measure their collar, it needs to be at least 2" longer than the bandanna to work without gathers in the bandanna.

Add your personalization

If you are ordering a bandanna and want the paw print
1. Click on number and color of paw print you choose.

This listing to be used as an addon to personalize (1) bandanna with 1 design of your choice.

You can also add a name to this product.


Machine wash warm
Lay flat to dry.
You may iron if needed (only iron from the back if it is personalized with vinyl)

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