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How to Catch a Prince

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How to Catch a Prince (Chester Falls Series, book 1)
Written by Ana Ashley
Narrated by Nick Hudson
Length: 6 hours, 3 minutes

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Tall, dark and handsome. 
Walks and talks like an exotic prince.
Also, my fake boyfriend.

It wasn’t even my idea to start with. 
But when Kris offered to be my date to my sister’s wedding how could I say no?

Not only will it make my clingy ex get the memo…
I also get to spend more time with Kris. The foreign man with the thinly-veiled accent who makes my heart skip… not just a beat, but several.

But Kris is only in town for a short while, and I? 
I could never catch a prince even in my wildest dreams.

How to Catch a Prince is the first book in the Chester Falls series and features hidden royalty, fake boyfriends, and a small town like no other.

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