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In a Copenhagen motel, a renowned politician's hookup doesn't go to plan. Meanwhile at an underground nightclub, a mother and son are connected via song. Whereas out in the suburbs, a football team prepares for the big outing - of one of its players. Explore an exciting array of Danish short films from directors to watch and a cast that includes Claes Bang (The Square) and Birthe Neumann (Festen).

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 36mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles.

HOTEL BOY dir. Michael Søndergaard
Young Samir accompanies Stefan, a renowned politician, to a hotel room. Outside in the rain, journalists are awaiting the next big headline.

POZ dir. Helle Rossing and Christian Edvard Halberg
A troubled “twunk” ventures down a destructive path, searching for a solution to his problems and a way to ensure his sister’s continued support.

YOUNG MAN'S DANCE dir. Mathias Broe
Mattis feels rejected by his dad and seeks attention from his male dancing teacher. But this night something is different.

SVANS dir. Martin Reinhard
Aksel is the top dog in his group of friends, brimming with pride on the pitch and in the college corridors. But he has a love he is keeping secret.

LADYBOY dir. Aske Bang
Eccentric mother Emma and transvestite son Kristian are a bingo-playing odd-couple who look out for one another. When Emma meets the charming Søren, things get complicated.
You will get a MP4 (5GB) file