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Email Marketing For Authors

The simple way to get started on actually sending emails to your readers.

The Course

Email Marketing for Authors will walk you through learning what you need now to get started, and what you can keep in mind for later on.

It’ll set you up to get started ASAP in a nice, stress free way.

You’ll get asked plenty of questions in the course, but it’s not to pressure you to do ALL THE THINGS. It’s so we can consider what you need now vs what you need later.

Hint: most things you can probably add in later. See, doesn’t that sound easy?

The Best Part?

Self Study

The course can be completely self study. You’ll get videos, transcripts, checklists, and whatever other tools are needed to make this actionable.

Self-Study + Consultation

You can choose to do self-study, or self-study with consultation follow up!

You’ll get access to book & pay for the consultation in the last module of the course, so there’s no pressure to decide now.



The A’s to your Probably Q’s. I can’t say FAQs because no one has actually asked anything yet, given that this is brand new and currently a pre-order.

When will the course be live?

The course will come out 17th September 2023.

Why is the course $160?

Part A: Because I’m a human with bills to pay.

Part B: Because I haaateee the "people think it's cheaper if it ends in a 9" strategy. I hate it.

And I like round numbers. They make maths easier. And we should make life easier for ourselves. This is probably an unpopular business strategy, but this is how I run my businesses, because they’re my businesses, and I can make decisions for the reason of “I want to do it this way”.

What will the regular (non pre-order) price of the course be?

I haven't completely decided, but I'm thinking it'll be either $200 or $250. That means you save at least $40 for purchasing it as a pre-order.

How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the course for at least one year after purchasing.

While lots of courses guarantee lifetime access, I don't believe that is actually a truthful thing to do in the land of the internet. It’s like a vanity metric, makes you feel warm but really has little meaning.

While I think email marketing has significant longevity (otherwise I wouldn’t have made this course), there is no way of predicting if new laws could make it irrelevant tomorrow. It's unlikely, but I don't stand by grandiose statements such as lifetime access, I'm no-nonsense and practical.

Plus, what is a “lifetime”? I need to rewatch The Good Place and brush up on my moral philosophy.

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