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Portugal is still attractive for crypto fanatics

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Quick summary: What’s this booklet about?

Dear reader,

For years, Portugal was a prime hotspot for crypto fanatics. The reason was that you were only taxed in Portugal on your crypto income if you engaged in it professionally. This was a vague criterion, but in practice, you were actually not taxed.

In recent months, there were concerns that Portugal would start taxing crypto income. This led to the internet being flooded with doomsday reports.

However, the Portuguese parliament has now voted on a new law, which has been received very positively. The outcome is much better than expected.

Crypto income will now be taxed in some cases, but in a very advantageous way. This provides much needed clarity for the crypto fanatics.

We are very happy with this new development and invite you to read further for the details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

By reading this book, you will learn:

  1. Here are the new rules!
  2. The new law
  3. How is crypto income from professional, business or commercial activities taxed?
  4. In some cases no tax at all!
  5. How does the new regime integrate with
  6. the non-habitual resident regime?

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