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The Caregiver Writer Archetype Workbook

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// The Caregiver//

The Caregiver is all about helping everyone else. They're always willing to lend a hand or an ear to those in need and want to see others succeed as well as themselves. Whether that's through one-on-one encouragement or by offering public help or resources, the Caregiver has your back.

// About the Writer Archetype System //

The writing world is overwhelmingly filled with advice, and yet somehow it can still feel like you're on your own trying to figure everything out. With so much information to sift through, how do you know what is true or what will work best for you?

By beginning with classic literature character archetypes and then implementing knowledge from years of research and study, the Fearless Type has crafted the Writer Archetype system to help simplify the process for all different personalities of writers. Whether you're the Warrior, the Visionary, or any other type, the Writer Archetype system is the tool to give you the insight and freedom to really step into your true writer identity to thrive and conquer.
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