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Let's raise your happiness level to something you REALLY want

Bring simple happiness into your life the Nordic way.

I have done it and you can do it too.

Learn some Nordic secrets for everyday happiness


The simple ways to bring daily gratitude and pleasure to your life

The secret Nordic habits to keep you happy and balanced

Simple Nordic weekly rituals to make an ordinary week special

In this 3 part masterclass I will show you the ways to bring simple Nordic happiness to your life the way I have done..

The wonderful news is that you don't need to live the Nordics, or even to be Nordic to have these simple habits in your life, right now!

You can do this, right now, wherever you are in the world.

Available from 3 August 2023 (with lifetime access)

Just 270nok (approx $20) for early birds (limited time offer)

Simple Happiness the Nordic way