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Find Your Brave: Embrace Fear As A Gift to Show Up, Shine and Succeed

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When it comes to showing up for yourself, being confident in your gifts and talents, and sharing them in ways that benefit others and help you succeed, it is the same experience for everyone. Unless you are willing to acknowledge your fears and transform how you relate to your fears, you will remain stuck.

If on the other hand, you develop an unwavering trust in your ability to transcend your fears by embracing them as a gift that points the way to realizing your great potential and allowing you to experience the freedom your soul craves, you will move beyond stuck and live a life of significance.

In Find Your Brave, Jackie Capers-Brown encourages readers to embrace the endless practice of transcending their fears by choosing to relate to them with curiosity to transform how they relate to their fears. Having had to face her greatest fear, the loss of a child, she knows firsthand the crippling effect of our human tendency of dismissing and denying our fears can have on our mental and emotional well-being.

Through the Brave the Way practices outlined in each chapter, she guides you step-by-step through a process of developing your self-trust and the courage it takes to turn toward your fear and transcend it into personal power.

In this adventure for your soul, you will begin to see your fears differently, you will begin to feel differently about your fears, and you will respond to your fears differently as a result of expanding your perspective about yourself, the strong emotion of fear, and what you are truly capable of accomplishing when begin to ground yourself in the truth of your enoughness, and trust yourself to figure things out as you embrace life and your goals with a greater sense of passion and purpose.
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