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Yamaha Ex5 - GM Deluxe

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GM Deluxe set for the Yamaha Ex5

Do we need to explain the need for a decent GM soundset on the EX5 ;-) ?

A GM set is always very handy to look up a certain voice very fast. On stage and in a studio. It's a collection of the voices you'll need the most in any kind of music style. It's a shame they're mostly disrespectfully worked out. So I handled them with tons of respect !

These voices are reshaped to be most useful for the Ex5. Since the EX5 isn't a Midi-monster, I find the midi-standard could play a better role. GM Deluxe isn't a traditional GM set. You'll find these voices very much resembling to the original GM set. But with their own charactère. All voices use the original waves from the yamaha GM set as found on .

I also tried to recreate as much as possible the original sounds. So you'll find a Rhodes piano, a Blues Harmonica, Clean/distorted guitars, Orchestral and symphonic strings,... Classic Analog synths such as Yamaha CS, Moog, TB303 Bass, FM Bass, ... The effects and pads add lot's of drama to compositions. Many of the sounds have lots of controllers, so don't forget to twitch them !


  • Great acoustic piano's. The acoustic piano is created after the GodynGrand v2. I also added a realistic honky-tonk piano. 
  • Realistic acoustic basses with modulation.
  • Symphonic instruments can be very smooth or can be bright and forté.
  • All voices created with as few as possible elements for better polyphonic use.
  • Different versions of one voice under the controllers such as original/distorted/wahwah/tremolo rhodes, original/blues harmonica, feedback/distorted/phaser guitar, ... (compared with GM2 standard), synth/realistic human voices,...
  • All voices use beautiful effects, but sound great without also f.e. in a mix. Controllers add more effects.
  • Very dynamic voices. For a better realistic play, I programmed lot's of dynamic range in filters and amplifiers. Play them gentle or heavy. Staccato or legato. F.e. the mute guitar will sound shorter when played at low velocity.
  • Realistic voice-play thru controllers (aftertouch, controllers,...) The MW1 is mostly assigned to vibrato. But unlike other GM voices, instruments that don't use a simple vibrato give you the original vibrato timbre they should. Think of a violin, vibraphone, rhodes piano,...
  • All voices shaped after original instruments
  • The complete set fit's 2 floppy disks. And uses 1Mb of sample data.

Listen to samples in MP3 format:

I-2 001, A-01 Pf: Le GRAND 

I-2 002, A-02 Pf: LeBRITE 

I-2 003, A-03 Pf: l'ELETRIQ 

I-2 004, A-04 Pf: LeWESTERN 

I-2 005, A-05 Pf: EP:Rhodes68 

I-2 006, A-06 Pf: EP:DX7glassy 

I-2 007, A-07 Pf: Harpsichord 

I-2 008, A-08 Pf: Clavinet 

I-2 009, A-09 Pf: Celesta 

I-2 010, A-10 Cp: Glocken 

I-2 011, A-11 Cp: Music Box 

I-2 012, A-12 Cp: Vibes 

I-2 013, A-13 Cp: Marimba 

I-2 014, A-14 Cp: Xylophone 

I-2 015, A-15 Cp: Tubular Bell 

I-2 016, A-16 Cp: Santur 

I-2 017, B-01 Or: Draw Organ 

I-2 018, B-02 Or: Perc Organ 

I-2 019, B-03 Or: Rock Organ 

I-2 020, B-04 Or: Church Organ 

I-2 021, B-05 Or: Reed Organ 

I-2 022, B-06 Rd: Accordion 

I-2 023, B-07 Ld: BluesHarmoni 

I-2 024, B-08 Or: TangoAccordn 

I-2 025, B-09 Gt: Nylon Git 

I-2 026, B-10 Gt: Steelstr. Gt 

I-2 027, B-11 Gt: Jazz Guitar 

I-2 028, B-12 Gt: Clean/Dist 

I-2 029, B-13 Gt: Muted/Dist 

I-2 030, B-14 Gt: Over Driver 

I-2 031, B-15 Gt: Distorted 

I-2 032, B-16 Gt: Gt.Harmonics 

I-2 033, C-01 Ba: Aco.Bass 

I-2 034, C-02 Ba: FingrD Bass 

I-2 035, C-03 Ba: Pickr Bass 

I-2 036, C-04 Ba: Fretlesssss 

I-2 037, C-05 Ba: Round Slap 

I-2 038, C-06 Ba: Hard Slap 

I-2 039, C-07 Ba: Syn:TB-303 

I-2 040, C-08 Ba: Syn:FM 

I-2 041, C-09 St: Violin/Pizz 

I-2 042, C-10 St: Viola 

I-2 043, C-11 St: Cello 

I-2 044, C-12 St: Contrabass 

I-2 045, C-13 St: Suspenz 

I-2 046, C-14 St: Pizzicato 

I-2 047, C-15 St: Harp 

I-2 048, C-16 Pc: Tympanic 

I-2 049, D-01 St: Strings Orch 

I-2 050, D-02 St: Strings Film 

I-2 051, D-03 St: Syn:Oberheim 

I-2 052, D-04 St: Syn:CS80 

I-2 053, D-05 En: AaaaTalk 

I-2 054, D-06 En: Ooooeez 

I-2 055, D-07 En: Vox Emu/Melo 

I-2 056, D-08 En: Orkestra HIT 

I-2 057, D-09 Br: Trumpet Brt 

I-2 058, D-10 Br: Trombone Brt 

I-2 059, D-11 Br: Deep Tuba 

I-2 060, D-12 Br: Muty Trumpet 

I-2 061, D-13 Br: France Horn 

I-2 062, D-14 Br: BrassSection 

I-2 063, D-15 Br: Syn:Jupiter 

I-2 064, D-16 Br: Syn:Moog 

I-2 065, E-01 Rd: Sax:Soprano 

I-2 066, E-02 Rd: Sax:Alto 

I-2 067, E-03 Rd: Sax:Tenor 

I-2 068, E-04 Rd: Sax:Bariton 

I-2 069, E-05 Rd: EauBou 

I-2 070, E-06 Rd: Engl.Horn 

I-2 071, E-07 Rd: Faggot 

I-2 072, E-08 Rd: Clarinette 

I-2 073, E-09 Pi: Piccolo 

I-2 074, E-10 Pi: Flute Forte 

I-2 075, E-11 Pi: Recorder 

I-2 076, E-12 Pi: Pan Flute 

I-2 077, E-13 Pi: BottleBlow 

I-2 078, E-14 Pi: Shaku~Monk 

I-2 079, E-15 Pi: Whistle 

I-2 080, E-16 Pi: Ocarina 

I-2 081, F-01 Ld: MillerSquare 

I-2 082, F-02 Ld: Hard|Saw 

I-2 083, F-03 Ld: Syn Calliope 

I-2 084, F-04 Ld: Chiffer Lead 

I-2 085, F-05 Ld: Charang Lead 

I-2 086, F-06 Ld: Voice Lead 

I-2 087, F-07 Ld: Fifth*Root 

I-2 088, F-08 Ld: Bass x Lead 

I-2 089, F-09 Pd: The NewAged 

I-2 090, F-10 Pd: Warm Spirit 

I-2 091, F-11 Pd: PolyXynth 

I-2 092, F-12 Pd: Choir Love 

I-2 093, F-13 Pd: Bowl Therapy 

I-2 094, F-14 Pd: Metal~Wire 

I-2 095, F-15 Pd: Halo Pad 

I-2 096, F-16 Pd: SweePeace 

I-2 097, G-01 Fx: Rain 

I-2 098, G-02 Fx: D50 Soundtrk 

I-2 099, G-03 Fx: ~~Krystal~~ 

I-2 100, G-04 Fx: Atmosfeer 

I-2 101, G-05 Fx: Brightness 

I-2 102, G-06 Fx: Godyns&Geeks 

I-2 103, G-07 Fx: EchO O o o . 

I-2 104, G-08 Fx: Sci-Fi 

I-2 105, G-09 Et: Flour@Power 

I-2 106, G-10 Et: Banjo 

I-2 107, G-11 Et: Shamisen 

I-2 108, G-12 Et: Koto 

I-2 109, G-13 Cp: Mbira 

I-2 110, G-14 Et: ScotlandYard 

I-2 111, G-15 Et: Fiddle 

I-2 112, G-16 Et: Shanai 

I-2 113, H-01 Pc: Tinkle Bell 

I-2 114, H-02 Pc: Agogo 

I-2 115, H-03 Pc: Steel Drum 

I-2 116, H-04 Pc: Woodblock 

I-2 117, H-05 Pc: Taiko Drum 

I-2 118, H-06 Pc: Melodic Tom 

I-2 119, H-07 Pc: Synth Drum 

I-2 120, H-08 Pc: ReverseCymbl 

I-2 121, H-09 Se: Fret Noise 

I-2 122, H-10 Se: Breath Noise 

I-2 123, H-11 Se: Seashore 

I-2 124, H-12 Se: Tweet 

I-2 125, H-13 Se: Telephone 

I-2 126, H-14 Se: AugustaScndl 

I-2 127, H-15 Se: 15menVsCrowd 

I-2 128, H-16 Se: Fanfar West

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